Lower Elementary

General 1st – 3rd grade curriculum

To prepare our students to serve Christ in this competitive, global world of the 21st century, we are passionately committed to academic excellence. Our curriculum is comprehensive, college preparatory, and taught within a Christian framework. Beginning in kindergarten, our curriculum is designed to lay a solid academic, intellectual, and spiritual foundation for our students. SCS students are challenged to excel as they are being prepared for a lifetime of faith and service. The results are young men and women who know how to think deeply and broadly while transferring application and evaluation of knowledge to all subject areas.

Math Science Language Arts Reading Bible Technology Social Studies / History

Math Curriculum

Texas Standards (TEKS) – aligned instruction using hands-on manipulatives, a variety of strategies for differentiated learning, and real-world applications. An experienced instructional coach leads the math program with an emphasis on rigor and understanding.

Science Curriculum

Supplemental programs, hands-on experiences, and meaningful lessons to enhance TEKS-aligned instruction. Our science department is led by an experienced instructional coach with an emphasis on connecting science with a Biblical Worldview while enhancing discovery learning.

Language Arts Curriculum

Writer’s Workshop, Phonics, Spelling and Grammar with cross-curricular experiences.

Reading Curriculum

Foundations and Frameworks, Guided Reading, Daily 5 lessons

Bible Curriculum

A Positive Action for Christ. “A God-Focus is seeking God’s glory and grace through all things.” Bible is not only taught as a core subject, but is integrated into all aspects of the students’ school day.


Beyond Technology curriculum. Students participate in ongoing projects that are experienced in the computer lab as well as the classroom.

Social Studies / History

BJU Press, Social Studies Weekly, Texas History TEKS-aligned lessons.

Discover and unlock true potential

At Southcrest we recognize that each child is a blessing from the Lord and we strive to teach a Biblical worldview in order to lead each one to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. We acknowledge each child’s God-given abilities and challenge each to reach his/her full potential. We aim to foster spiritual, emotional, academic, and social excellence in each student. We aspire to develop leaders with a servant’s heart to further his kingdom. In Lower Elementary, students grow spiritually, physically, academically and socially in a positive atmosphere.

Students work in small groups and partners often to explore the world around them. The Bible is the center of the academic day as students advance in reading, critical thinking and problem solving. Using whole brain instruction, differentiated reading groups, learning stations, and hands-on activities, children receive a quality education in a caring and nurturing setting. As the year progresses, students become more responsible and independent, working on more projects in class which give the opportunity for creativity and self-guidance.

Lower elementary program highlights include:

  • Music classes and programs
  • Living Statue Museum
  • Chapel
  • Service Projects
  • ACSI events
  • Structure of Intellect
  • Science Fair
  • Bible as a core subject
  • Foundations and Frameworks (reading curriculum)
  • Book projects
  • Manipulative based math program
  • Daily 5
  • Strong Phonics program
  • Love and Logic
  • Curriculum-aligned field trips
  • Daily Science
  • STEM club
  • Computer class
  • Multiple opportunities for parent involvement

Awarded model school for the structure of intellect

First through fifth grade students participate in activities to “build the cognitive and perceptual strengths that empower students to transition from the concrete stage to the symbolic comprehension required in elementary school.” The Certified Learning program, included for all Kindergarten students, “optimally prepares each student for the transition to the more advanced curriculum of the middle grades.” (SOI Systems)

“In my opinion, Southcrest Christian School is educating children the way that the Department of Education intended children to be taught.” – Dr. Robert Meeker of SOI Systems

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