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Southcrest Christian School faculty

At Southcrest Christian School, we have a wonderful faculty invested in all of our students. Our teachers are both highly qualified and responsive. To contact or learn more about any of our faculty members, please see the information provided below.

Early Elementary Lower Elementary Intermediate Elementary Junior High High School Administration Coaches

Early Elementary

Rhonda Hathaway

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Melodie Voigt

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Cari Huerta

Kindergarten Teacher

Laurie Cypret

Kindergarten Teacher

Mary Blair

T1 Teacher

Kristin Holly

1st Grade Teacher

Kelle Abernathy

1st Grade Teacher

Lisa Becker

1st Grade Teacher

Kim Bristo

Math Specialist

Lower Elementary

Lindsey Sexton

2nd Grade Teacher

Krista Fauvel

2nd Grade Teacher

Rachel Baldwin

2nd Grade Teacher

Amy Birklebach

3rd Grade Teacher

Kenda Hurst

3rd Grade Teacher

Vanessa Bruce

Elementary and Junior High Computer Teacher

Katherine Brandon

Pre-K, K Music and PE, PK-2 Spanish

Intermediate Elementary

Tara McMahan

4th Grade Teacher

Wendi Myatt

4th Grade Teacher

Jennifer Holly

4th Grade Teacher

Jody Stamps

5th Grade Teacher

Courtney Burk

5th Grade Teacher

Junior High

Vanessa Baldree

6th Grade Teacher

Cheryl Dziuk

6th Grade Teacher

Crystal Burdis

JH English, HS PSAT

Kenna Kizer

JH Student Council, Pre-Algebra, JH Algebra 1, 7th Grade Math, 8th Grade HR

Jay Lackey

JH Bible, JH Chapel, 8th Grade HR

Dr. Michael Hickey

8th Grade Science, 8th Grade Science Honors, Physics, Pre-Calculus, Calculus

Laura Wilbanks

7th Grade Science, Science Specialist

Joni Loudder

5th-7th PE, Health, A&P, International Student Coordinator

Sharla Kinman

JH Reading, 7th HR

Mackenzie Dalley

JH History, 7th HR, 3rd, 4th, 5th grade PE

High School

Erin West

Erin West | 1st-3rd Music, JH/HS Musical Theater, Praise Band, 12th HR

Damon West

Journalism, English I and II, Bible II, Speech, 10th HR, Jr. High & High School Head Tennis Coach, Head 8th Grade Boys Basketball Coach

Milene de Farias

Biology, Chemistry

Lauren Strathman

HS Algebra I, Algebra II, Pre-College Algebra, HS Student Council

Major Russ Russell

American History, Geometry, Government, Economics, DC US History, PSAT Math

Matt Robinson

DC English, English III and IV, World Geography, Debate

Sally Newman

Bible I and III, World History, National Honor Society, 11th HR, JH SOAR

Amie Little

Computer Science I and II, Academic Counselor, Technology Coordinator

Kirk Kitchens

Senior Bible

Treva Hamm

American Sign Language Teacher

Mariluz Gaviria

Spanish I, II, and III

Shannon Cleavelin

JH/HS Art, Visual Arts Instructor

Rick Driscoll

Director of Bands

Nell Martin

Special Services


Linda Merriott


Susie Driscoll

Junior High/High School Principal

Shonda Mayer

Pre-K - 6th Grade Principal

Karissa Ramos

Special Services Coordinator

Jeff Kidder

Athletic Director

Cassandra Crayne

Admissions Coordinator, RenWeb Administrator

Regina Hendrix

Administrative Assistant

Jane Key

Administrative Assistant

Alysha Hill

Administrative Assistant

Jamie Denison

Financial Administrative Assistant

Lisa Higgins

Athletic Secretary

Sandra Willis

School Nurse

Karri Bell

School Nurse

Sharon Carter

Administrative Assistant


Clay Stout

Head Girls Basketball Coach

Kevin Cortez

Assistant JH/HS Girls Basketball Coach

Kylie Voss

Assistant HS Girls Basketball Coach

Sidney Mahaney

Head Girls JH Basketball Coach

Jeff Kidder

Head Boys HS Basketball Coach

Dale UnderWood

Head Cross Country Coach, Head Track and Field Coach, Assistant Boys HS Basketball Coach

Ron Finley

Head Golf Coach, Head JH 7th Grade Boys Basketball Coach, Cross Country Coach

Mackenzie Clarke

Volleyball Coach

Clarissa Gonzales

Volleyball Coach

Tabitha Von Haasl

Assistant Volleyball Coach

Morgan Strawn

Cheer Coach

Jani Hammit

Head Tennis Coach

Whitney Sales

Cheer Coach, Assistant Golf Coach

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