Southcrest Christian School Athletic Travel Code of Conduct Policy

    Southcrest Christian School believes that athletes and other students traveling away from the SCS
    campus to participate in school-sponsored events do so as a representation of their team, their
    school, and their faith as a believer and follower of Jesus Christ. Athletes are therefore expected to conduct themselves as Christian ladies and gentlemen at all times.

    Expectations and policies regarding travel to away games (including local events where applicable) include the following:

    Athletes are expected to display proper behavior while in private vehicles or school-provided
    transportation while traveling to and from events.

    At events, athletes are expected to remain with their team while waiting for their contests to

    Uniforms are a way for athletes to display unity in a common cause as a team, school, and
    body of believers therefore, uniforms should always be worn in public in a respectful and
    modest way. When free time allows for being out of uniform (dining, shopping, swimming,
    etc.), dress should be modest and representative of SCS student dress code policies.

    During overnight stays, athletes are expected to display proper behavior while on hotel or
    restaurant properties. Coaches may enforce curfews, at which time athletes must be in their
    rooms unless accompanied by their parent and with a valid reason.

    Traveling to away contests to represent SCS is a privilege and not a right. In order to enjoy this privilege, athletes should conduct themselves in the best manner at all times. If the coaching staff believes an athlete has violated these policies and expectations, disciplinary action, up to and including suspension from participation in team events will be applied immediately. If an athlete is suspended from participation during an away event, the athlete’s parent will be required to pick the athlete up and be responsible for him or her as soon as possible, regardless of distance. Upon a return to school, the administration and coaching staff will review infractions to determine if further discipline is required according to general school policy.

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