Southcrest Christian School operates as a ministry of Southcrest Baptist Church.  The support of Southcrest Christian School through donations impacts many children and their families. At Southcrest, families from every social and economic background are welcome. Tuition strictly covers teachers’ salaries. Donations and fundraising money helps pay for daily operating expenses, equipment for classrooms, curriculum, new technology, and scholarships for those who qualify.  Currently, 25% of our student population is attending on some type of scholarship. All donations to Southcrest Christian School are tax deductible.

For more information about donating to Southcrest Christian School, please contact Jane Key @ 806-797-7400 or


We are thankful for those who gave to our Annual Fund this year!  It is a blessing to have parents, grandparents and others who believe in the value of a Christian education and are able to give above and beyond tuition costs.

A Special "THANK YOU" to the following:

Hero's Level                                                                                         Champion's Level

Bravilo and Samantha Delgado                                                                Roger and Donita Clark               

James and JoAnne Cole                                                                            Dr. Jack McCarty

                                                                                                                  Gary and Kay Phillips

Defender's Level                                                                                 Protector's Level

Dr. Anthony Spencer                                                                               Danny and Shauna Sisson

John and Jamie Thomas                                                                           Don and Beverly McBeath

Floyd and Edna Rowland                                                                        Clyde Brazell

Linda Fraim                                                                                             Charles and Cindy Carter

Cindy Means

Allison Harrison

Guardian's Level                                                                                Other

Gary and Susan Keyton                                                                        Danny and Rebecca Garvin

Ralph Bauer                                                                                         Gabe and Freeda Primera

Leonel Torres                                                                                       Don and Norma Veretto

Jim and Liz Lawler                                                                                Susan and Lynn Schumacher

Allen and Margaret Bailey                                                                     Bob and Gail Etheredge

David and Marella Elder                                                                        Chad and Kellye Turner

Dr. Robert L Ordonez                                                                            Delva Zimmer

James R Cave                                                                       

Imagynasium Project

Charles and Cindy Carter

Cindy Means

Dr. Anthony Spencer