Coaching Staff

At SCS, coaches have the responsibility to model Christ-like behaviors and attitudes for their student athletes. They play a crucial role in the development of each student athlete’s character and attitude. Our coaches are knowledgeable in the sports they teach, dedicated in their preparation, and able to motivate student athletes to always do their best. They have the great responsibility and opportunity to mold young lives for Christ. At SCS, coaches are expected to provide and maintain structure and to ensure that the SCS philosophy regarding athletics is implemented into their coaching at all times. All of the athletic programs at SCS are integrated with other school programs so that our goal of educating students with a biblical worldview remains foremost in our efforts.

Coaching Staff:

  • Girls Volleyball (High School)
    • Mackenzie Clarke (Head Coach) 
    • Tabitha Von Haasl (Asst. Coach)
  • Girls Volleyball (Middle School)
  • Tennis (Middle School/High School)
    • (Head Coach) 
    • (Assistant Coach)
  • Girls Basketball (High School)