In elementary grades 3-6, we offer students learning experiences in a nurturing classroom environment. Each morning begins with pledges and a prayer followed by the daily routine of course work. All subjects and activities are biblically integrated, leading students to view the world through the lens of Christ. Our classrooms are active, engaging, thought provoking, and challenging. Small group instruction, whole brain learning, and differentiated learning contribute to a successful classroom environment. Even though sixth graders are a part of the elementary school, these students are given the opportunity to participate in junior high sports, cheerleading, and they attend junior high chapel.

Yearly Events

Weekly Chapel: 3rd-5th grade students attend chapel every Wednesday morning for a time of singing and listening to a message

Quarterly Community Service: Students travel to various places in the community to offer assistance, to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

Veteran's Day Program/Grandparents day: Students participate in this patriotic program through singing. This service is dedicated to both living and deceased veterans in the community. Grandparents are honored at the same time. A nice lunch is served to families and grandparents are encouraged to attend classes with students and share stories of the past.

Christmas Program: All elementary students share Christmas songs, both traditional and contemporary, through singing and dancing. Through this program the significance of Christ's birth is emphasized and celebrated.

Living Statues: In March, the third graders perform as living statues. Each student has previously chosen a famous character in history, researches their life, and writes and memorizes a report in first person. On presentation day, they dress in keeping with their character and recite their speech on demand.

Ft. Chadbourn trip: On the first Friday in May, the 5th graders travel to Ft. Chadbourn to observe a reenactment of fort life from the 1800's. This special trip enhances their knowledge of American history during the frontier days.

Spring Program: At the end of the year, students participate in a spring program. This program focuses on the celebration of life found in Jesus.

Joyland Fun Day: The end of year party is held at Joyland. PATHS (Parents and Teachers Helping Students) bless the students with a day of food and fun times as we celebrate the ending of a great year.