To prepare our students to serve Christ in this competitive, global world of the 21st century, we are passionately committed to academic excellence. Our curriculum is comprehensive, college preparatory, and taught within a Christian framework. Beginning in kindergarten, our curriculum is designed to lay a solid academic, intellectual, and spiritual foundation for our students. SCS students are challenged to excel as they are being prepared for a lifetime of faith and service. The results are young men and women who know how to think deeply and broadly while transferring application and evaluation of knowledge to all subject areas.

Our Elementary (K-6th Grade) Curriculum includes:

  • Saxon - Math
  • Purposeful Design - Science
  • Writer's Workshop - English
  • Foundations and Frameworks - Reading
  • Summit - Bible
  • Beyond Technology Education - Technology
  • BJU Press - Social Studies

Our Middle School and High School Curriculum includes:

  • Saxon - Math (through Pre-Algebra)
  • Apologia - Science
  • Holt - Grammar
  • Veritas - Literature
  • Summit and Positive Action for Christ - Bible
  • Beyond Technology Education - Technology
  • BJU Press - Social Studies, Algebra and Pre-calculus
  • Glencoe - Pre=College Algebra
  • Pearson - Spanish