1st & 2nd Grade

In 1st and 2nd Grade, students grow spiritually, physically, academically and socially in a positive atmosphere. Students work in small groups and partners often to explore the world around them. The Bible is the center of the academic day as students advance in reading, critical thinking and problem solving. Using whole brain instruction, differentiated reading groups, learning stations, and hands-on activities, children receive a quality education in a caring and nurturing setting. As the year progresses, students become more responsible and independent, working on more projects in class which give the opportunity for creativity and self-guidance.

Yearly Events

Weekly Chapel: Weekly chapel – 1st and 2nd Graders attend weekly chapel on Wednesday morning, and because of their standing as the oldest students at the Cumberland Campus, often participate in, and help with Chapel by reading verses and aiding in demonstrations

Quarterly Community Service: Students travel to various places in the community to offer assistance, to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

Veteran's Day Program/Grandparents day: Students participate in this patriotic program through singing. This service is dedicated to both living and deceased veterans in the community. Grandparents are honored at the same time. A nice lunch is served to families and grandparents are encouraged to attend classes with students and share stories of the past.

Christmas Program: All elementary students share Christmas songs, both traditional and contemporary, through singing and dancing. Through this program the significance of Christ's birth is emphasized and celebrated.

Books of the Bible chapel: After memorizing the Books of the Bible in class, students dress as Bible characters and sing the Books of the Bible.

American Symbols Parade: In February, students celebrate President’s Day with a parade around the Cumberland Campus to show off a researched American Symbol.

Market Day: In the spring, Combining math and economics, students open their first “business” at school and sell a good or service to classmates and teachers.

Flat Stanley Project: Students send their Flat Stanleys/Stellas to friends or family in other states and wait for the reply in April. Students learn about geography, regions, and cultures while reviewing letter writing. In May, 2nd Graders welcome the paper people back with a flat food party and share their packages with friends.

Weather Project: Students use science knowledge/research to create a presentation about a type of weather.

Spring Program: At the end of the year, students participate in a spring program. This program focuses on the celebration of life found in Jesus.